Parker Dubreuil

Wealth Advisor

Parker grew up locally in Moorpark California where he was born and raised. He grew up in a family of entrepreneurs that owned restaurants and real estate which sparked his entrepreneurial spirit. His passion for business and finance trickles down through family. His family was not one to shy away from conversations around finance and the importance of financial freedom. He understood from a young age proper money management can change not only one’s life but the lives of those around them. Having had open conversations with family about money and learning the importance of budgeting in his early years, this is what set the foundation for Parker to pursue a career in wealth management. He studied at California Lutheran University where he majored in Finance and graduated Cum Laude in 3.5 years. While in school, Parker analyzed commodity and future markets daily at 4:30 AM before attending class.  

Prior to joining Crestview Capital Management, Parker led California Lutheran University’s investment fund as Vice President during his years before heading into FinTech at Paysafe Group. In this position, he would conduct stock research and lead discussions with peers as to investment selections within the fund. While at Paysafe, Parker helped business owners optimize their payment solutions and manage day to day operations. During his time at Paysafe he learned how important it is to set up new and current business owners for success and did so by helping them implement the proper tools and plans accordingly to their business plans and needs. By working as a Wealth Advisor at Crestview Capital Management, Parker applies the same relationship-based, analytical thinking to helping his clients plan for and achieve their own personal financial goals. 

Parker primarily specializes in helping individuals who work at large corporations that have a self-directed brokerage account (SDBA) option within their retirement plan. He does so by helping them plan accordingly to meet their short-term and long-term goals and determining if the self-directed brokerage account option is worth considering within their portfolio. He examines individual’s entire financial picture aiming to highlight strongpoints and uncover any potential blind spots. By incorporating a holistic approach to financial planning accompanied by customized portfolio management, Parker is committed to helping his clients achieve a comfortable retirement while preserving their wealth. 

Parker resides in Moorpark, California. Outside of the office, Parker enjoys spending time outdoors, golfing, compound bow, working out, and hiking with his dog Zoey.