Estate & Tax Planning

Building your wealth is challenging on its own, and Estate Planning is critical to ensure both your personal care and assets are handled properly in the event you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself or pass away. A proper estate plan will dictate how your estate will be disbursed to your beneficiaries, minimize taxes upon death, and may be adjusted as time goes by or your circumstances change.​

We work closely with estate planning attorneys who create personalized plans for clients we work with. If you are already working with an attorney, we will collaborate with them to ensure your financial affairs are all accounted for within your existing estate plan.​

Tax planning is the practice of limiting or paying the least amount in taxes as possible. We will work with you and your tax professional to find ways to legally limit the amount you owe whether it is done by contributing more of your income into tax deferred retirement plans, investing in tax-free strategies or finding potential deductions.