Alec Zari

Vice President,
Wealth Advisor

Alec grew up with the curiosity of cultivating and managing one’s own wealth at a very young age. Through a lot of self education, he began developing habits and discipline to create a budget and investment portfolio for life as a teenager and college student. He really enjoyed being able to empower himself and take control of his financial situation. This propelled Alec to look into becoming a financial advisor and empower his community. He enrolled at California State University, Northridge and studied in their Financial Planning & Services Program.

Prior to joining Dynamic Wealth Advisors, Alec interned at SteelPeak Wealth during his program at CSUN and then also started his career there as a Wealth Advisor. By the end of his term, he became an Associate Vice President for the company. During his time there, he learned how to take on a more hands-on approach to help individuals and families achieve their financial goals and utmost serenity through meticulous planning and preparation.

Alec specializes in exploring 401k options for each individual, creating investment strategies for transitioning old 401ks to IRAs, opening individual brokerage accounts to create additional income and suggest an overall point of attack for retirement. Diversification is always key for a financial advisor. One of Alec's main focuses is to make sure many corporate executives' portfolios are not densely concentrated in company stock and look at tax-efficient strategies to sell off into a more stable plan for the long-term. He specializes in working with individuals and families in the technology, healthcare insurance, architecture and engineering sectors.

Alec resides in West Los Angeles and enjoys spending time with his Shiba, Hiro. He also likes to be active, listen to music and travel with friends and family.